New Hair Extension Software In Calgary Alberta?

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Info On Origins & Textures

Info On Origins & TexturesThere have been rumors from a few Developers in the City of Calgary that they are working on a hair extension software that can help women preview what their hair would look like before they actually go through with the purchase and installation procedure. It’s actually a pretty interesting technology that has been around for quite some time although never really applied to the hair industry in Canada. If this type of application software was developed and available comma it may help not only business owners increase their business, but also help customers save money and time before going through with the full hair procedure.

Hair Extensions Calgary, AB

After speaking with many of the hair extension technicians from Calgary, it is apparent that the industry is definitely on the rise and hasn’t fallen quite yet. An application like this can help save customers traveling time on top of the fact that it will increase productivity in the salon. Imagine having a client walk in with a picture of what they want to have installed and all you have to do is match that picture? I mean yes, women bring in pictures of celebrities or hairstyles all the time, but imagine actually seeing it on your client before having it done.

As a hairstylist you can tell right away if it will work, or you can get to business immediately.

Other cities in Alberta such as Edmonton are still quiet on whether or not they will be introducing this technology. Edmonton’s demand for hair extensions is just as high as it is in Calgary, so it would only make sense that they would implement the same technology. As a matter of fact there just may be more females in Edmonton looking for extensions than there is in all of western Canada.

If you are unsure about hair extensions and are trying to learn more information for yourself. You can always take a look at the many resources that are available online. If doing your own research is a little bit daunting, then taking a trip to your local salon can not only save you time but also help you develop a great relationship.

This twitter page is a great resource for learning about your hair and what type is best for you to buy. If you are just a beginner, this will be a great place to get started.

Oukitel 15 day Battery For Long Tours. Can The K10000 Last?

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K10000 Smartphone

K10000 SmartphoneJust the other day my music producer mentioned that he saw a smartphone (The Oukitel K10000) that was available for a very low price that lasted for almost two weeks. At first I thought it was way too good to be true, although after doing some research it does appear that this Asian brand was capable of following through on this claim. Apparently cell phones generally last longer in Asia and they do in North America and most countries around the world.

I bet you’ve never even seen some of the technology if that enables you to literally wash your smartphone like a regular dish in your sink. If I told you that existed you probably wouldn’t believe me either.

At the end of the day anybody can put together a doctored video and make false claims. So it is safe to do your due diligence and test it out for yourself before coming to any final conclusions.

Oukitel K10000 Price

The attractive thing about this extra long lasting smartphone is its price tag. The Oukitel is only available for about $200 USD and is available unlocked for most cell phone providers in the United States and Canada. There are also many other cell phone providers available internationally as well.

If you’re somebody who travels on a regular basis and find it hard to get to a charging station. Then you may want to take a look at this device before making another cell phone purchase. This phone is also capable of charging other cell phones that you have. At such a low price tag this device might just be worth that capability alone while traveling on the road.

To be quite honest my tech friends and I were a little surprised that this was not mentioned at CES 2016, although maybe we just didn’t catch it when we were observing.

Top Monitors For Your Studio (Recording & Mixing)

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KRK Rokit Systems

KRK Rokit SystemsWhen most people refer to monitors they are usually talking about the displays that you look at visually. When you are dealing with the studio however, monitors typically mean a completely different thing. Samsung has no bearing against Yamaha or M Audio when it comes to Studio Monitor Audio quality. You just may find some excellent speakers for your home theater that are built by Samsung. Although you will not find top notch flat response audio quality monitors from Samsung for your studio that can compete.

Below is a small list of some of the most wanted brands that sound great in almost any recording or mixing studio.


Actually M-audio provides a decent response that allowed me to get a handle of my first few mixes. I did find the full range of the monitor was a bit lacking and it was hard to tell how much low end I was actually getting. Overall though they do make many different styles which fit all types of budgets and provide a much better full spectrum of sound.


Definitely a favorite among many mixing and recording connoisseurs. Yamaha definitely make some of the most sought after studio monitors you can find. They have a vintage yet modern feel to them which is why many producers tend to seek out there rare qualities.

KRK Rokit

Probably one of the more popular and sleeker designed brands you will find available. Not only do they look great but they sound very clean and pristine as well. The Rokit are very well known for their flat response and are widely chosen by producers around the world.

Find even more information about which brands are most suitable for your home recording studio when you visit your local store.

Futuristic Audio Software For Hands-Free Segway Units

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Self Balance Board

Audio Hoverboard ScooterBesides watching people zoom around and do all types of cool tricks on their hands free hoverboard Segway, we thought it might be a interesting to venture into the audio side when it comes to its technology.

One thing everybody loves is music, combine that with the ability to move around anywhere and you’re sure to be lost for hours on your board. A lot of the major scooters that are available right now have decent audio capabilities, but we know that they can definitely push the limits just a little bit further.

Imagine being able to add a tiny bit of sub bass to your hoverboard. I know, it’s a little bit too much for something that might get banged up anyway. Although, if it can be safely implemented without fear of damage, would you install them? Having a heavy system to roll around with isn’t such a bad thing. Unless however it breaks then it wouldn’t be so great after all.

Bluetooth Technology

The fact that you are able to connect your phone to your board and stream music is genius. No need to worry about memory sticks or any form of internal storage. Everything is done wirelessly and efficiently through the Bluetooth technology standard.

One thing we do wonder is whether or not the board is compatible with being able to connect your phone conversations so you can talk wireless while you travel. While we can understand that it might be an issue having your conversation broadcast live from your board, there may somehow be a feature that allows you to place the stream through your headphones instead.

Self Balance Board

Of course these are just a few of the things we hope to see in a fantasy hands free Segway near you. Although if we ever did see one that had the capabilities of what we mentioned above, then we would definitely be all over it. For now all we can do is fantasize, however top notch audio is a must when it comes to technical nerds like ourselves.